Terme di Lurisia

Terme di Lurisia

Via Delle Terme, 60, 12088 Lurisia (CN)

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At Terme di Lurisia the water really care. They knew the local miners of 1900 who healed their wounds by immersing them in this water “magic.” The scientifically he certified the Nobel Prize Madame Marie Curie in 1918, demonstrating the exceptional therapeutic properties of Lurisia spa, water radioemanante with unique benefits. The Lurisia hydrothermal Institute since 1940 is a source of health, a place immersed in a stunning landscape and relaxing atmosphere where it is easy to take care of themselves.

Legend has it that the discovery of water made her, involuntarily, one of dozens of miners who, in the early years of the last century, worked in the area Nivolano (Lurisia today). Picconando the rocky wall off it for the lose, the typical indigenous stone slabs used for the building, inadvertently struck a vein of spring water which turned out to be optimal for drinking but even better for cleansing sores and wounds which, almost by miracle, you They healed in no time.

The “magical” qualities of this source soon became well known even outside the territory of attracting the attention of many onlookers, including doctors and researchers, who studied the characteristics testifying definitely the medicinal qualities and beneficial water.

In 1913 prof. Lincio (famous scholar mineralogy) made the excavations in the area and discovered the existence of extensive deposits of a particular radioactive mineral called AUTUMNITE. This news attracted the interest of the Italian government.

In 1918 Marie Curie (Great Scientist internationally renowned Nobel Prize for discovering the Radium) was called by the Italian Government. He came out in Italy and visited the fields of Ischia, Montecatini and finally in August of 1918 came to Lurisia. He made so many studies.

He collected a sample of autumnite and carried at the Institute of Paris to make its analysis and research. He confirmed therefore radioemanazione water and its exceptional therapeutic properties.

From the determination and will of Peter Cignolini, David Garbarino and Piero Sciaccaluga, a doctor and two forward-thinking entrepreneurs of Liguria, in 1940 he arose the first of Lurisia Thermal Baths. It would thus have all the possibility of using medicinal purposes this wonderful water but somministrandola methodically and scientific practices that will even more amplified benefits.

Lurisia thus became an important research center hydrothermal but also delicious holiday destination and well-being, and treasured by thousands of people including large and important personalities of the time, such as the President of the Republic Gronkowski, the architect Gio Ponti and other researchers and doctors.

Only later, by decree of the Ministry of Health, bottling it and selling it was allowed succeeding, as well, to bring the healthy quality of Lurisia Fonte Santa Barbara on the contrary, “between” the lips of all.

The therapeutic springs were called:
Santa Barbara (patron saint of miners) diuretic and cleansing characteristics
Garbarino (name of the entrepreneur who built the baths) sedative analgesic and anti-inflammatory characteristics.